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"Pinche Rio" Shirt Appears In Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston Movie
Jon Favreau wears one of our "Pinche Rio" shirts in the film from Universal, "The Breakup," starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.  The film opened in June of 2006, setting comedic box office records with over $38 million in its first weekend.

Jon Favreau (right) in one of our new "pinche rio" ringer shirts. Pinche Rio Poker Shirt in Breakup Film

4 New Poker Articles by Daniel Negreanu.
24 June 2008 : Kid Poker drops some knowledge in four new hold'em articles. 

Poker Situation Quiz.
21 June 2008 : Put your poker acumen to the test with our Poker Situation Quiz.  You might just learn something in the process. 

Shanna Hiatt Video and More.
24 April 2007: New video clips under the "extras" tab include Shanna Hiatt bloopers, how to chip shuffle and how to chip butterfly.  Also, all old videos are now hosted on our server in order to provide faster download times!

Nick Standlea Profile.
1 January 2007: Owner profile.

The Gordon Pair Principle.
1 January 2007: When you hold a pocket-pair preflop, it's nice to know the odds of whether or not someone behind you holds a bigger pair.  This new article by Phil Gordon offers a 'quick and dirty' method for making that calculation.

New Video Starring Phil Ivey.
9 September 2006: A funny commercial starring Phil Ivey and his copycats.

New Look to Poker Shirts Store.
1 September 2006: You may have noticed the new look of our poker shirts store.  The idea is to make it easier for consumers and retailers to find their way around while navigating our two separate shirt lines.  In short, the 'poker shirts' page is for consumers -- all of these items can be ordered directly off the internet and delivered right to your home.  The 'vintage poker shirts' page is for retailers -- these items are available at wholesale prices to be distributed in retail locations.

New Poker Article.
31 August 2006: Phil Gordon discusses playing a big hand against Mike Matusow in Battling with 'The Mouth'.

Poker Variants
25 August 2006: Instructions on the basics of poker's "other" games:  Omaha, Omaha 8 or Better, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud 8 or Better, Razz and H.O.R.S.E.

Download Times Improved.
24 August 2006: Download times for podcasts have been greatly improved.

2006 WSOP Updates.
22 August 2006: Highlights, main event coverage and television scheduling for the 2006 WSOP.

New Whole Sale Pricing Contact Page.
18 July 2006: Contact form for retailers and casinos.

Poker Lesson Podcasts.
8 June 2006: Poker Lesson podcasts from poker pros such Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and others.

Our vintage style designs are now available in retail outlets and casino gift shops across the country, including World Poker Tour tournament locations, Bicycle Casino and Commerce Casino. 

*Retailers: Click here to contact us about whole sale prices.*

New Phil Ivey Video.
8 June 2006: An underground commercial starring Phil Ivey that you won't ever see on TV.

Poker Odds Calculator.
12 May 2006: Poker Odds Calculator added.

New Article by Phil Gordon.
10 April 2006: Phil Gordon offers his two cents on Sit-and-Go strategy.

How to Set Up a No Limit Hold'em Tournament in 5 Simple Pages.
6 October 2005:  A new downloadable document for setting up a home game.  Covers topics such as Blind Structure, Starting Chips, Rules, Seating, Payouts and others. 
In HTML or as a WORD document.

Poker Dictionary.
6 October 2005: A listing of poker-related terms.

Full Tilt Article Archive.
29 September 2005: In a new partnership, twice per month we'll being hosting a new article from one of Full Tilt Poker's pros.

"The Branding" Video.
29 August 2005: The full story of the cash game that led to a human branding.  And a link to the video.

Poker Books Review.
17 August 2005: Nick Standlea reviews eight poker books on the market today.

New Article by Annie Duke.
16 August 2005: One of the world's best female players discusses what she learned from a professional interrogator in 'Lessons from the FBI.'

Article from Daniel Negreanu.
4 August 2005: An excellent article discussing 'The Truth About Tells.'

New Article from Mike Caro.
28 July 2005: A new article from the "Mad Genius," Mike Caro.  'Seating: A simple way to increase poker profits.'

2005 WSOP Updates added to 'Links and Articles.'
1 July 2005: We'll keep you posted on all the big happenings at the 2005 World Series of Poker with regular updates in our 'Links and Articles' section.

Two New Articles Added.
15 June 2005: New articles: 'Asian Poker Players' by
Daniel Negreanu and 'Pre-Flop Raises.'

Improve Your Online Poker Results.
26 May 2005: We draw on several poker experts to bolster your online game: 'Four Quick Tips to Better Online Play.'

Hold'em Shirts and Gear Cafe Press Store Opens.
25 May 2005: Looking for additional poker t-shirts, or other poker products?  We're  distributing several new products and styles through our Hold'em Shirts and Gear Cafe Press Store.

Vince Vaughn, Mena Suvari and Jon Favreau ask for "Pinche Rio" shirts.
25 May 2005: Jon's people recently contacted us and asked for several "Pinche Rio" shirts for Jon and his poker-playing friends.

News Page Created.
24 May 2005: Due to the number of inquires we've recieved about the latest happenings at Hold'em Shirts & Gear we've decided to create a news page.


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