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WSOP Report:  Event #31, NLH, 2 July 2005

WSOP report: Event #31, No-Limit Hold'em (Six-Handed), July 2, 2005

A Golden Moment:  Poker Legend Doyle Brunson Wins WSOP Gold Bracelet Number Ten.

Event #31: No-Limit Hold'em (Six-Handed) Championship
Location: Rio, Las Vegas
Buy-in: $5,000
Number of Entries: 301
Total Prize Money: $1,414,700

Four remarkable days after Johnny Chan won his tenth WSOP title, Doyle Brunson returned to poker's center stage. In front of a standing-room only crowd and ESPN television cameras, Brunson re-wrote the record books one more time, winning his tenth gold bracelet. His win ties him (once again) with Johnny Chan.

Doyle Brunson's victory was not easy. First, he had to maneuver through a highly-competitive field of 301 entries. But Brunson held the chip lead much of the way. Once Brunson made it down to the final six (the final table was comprised of six players), he still had major obstacles. Their names were Jason Lester, Ayaz Mahmood, Layne Flack, Scotty Nguyen, and Minh Ly. Players were eliminated in the following order:

6ht Place: Jason Lester, $67,905
Jason Lester finished 4th in the main event in 2003 (the year Chris Moneymaker won). Lester was low on chips and went out with A-K against Scotty Nguyen's 7-7. Lester picked up a nice draw when the flop came Q=J=8. But two blanks sealed Lester's fate. This was Lester's seventh final table and 15th time to cash at the WSOP (lifetime).
5th Place: Ayaz Mahmood, $82,055
Pakistan-born Ayaz Mahmood is a regular on the tournament circuit and plays in high-limit cash games. This was Mahmood's third time to cash at the WSOP. On his final hand, Mahmood's Q-Q was crushed by Layne Flack's A-A.
4th Place: Layne Flack, $99,030
Layne Flack's WSOP final table record is as impressive as anyone in poker history, with the exception of the late Stu Ungar. Flack has appeared at ten final tables and has won five of them. Flack arrived as the chip leader, and many suspected that he would pose the biggest threat to Brunson in his quest for the tenth bracelet. But things went bad for Flack and he played a short stack during much of the final table. Much of Flack's stack disappeared when Brunson won a big pot with trip 8s. Then, Flack (with K-10) went out when Brunson (with K-9) called Flack's last all-in bet and nine fell from the deck.
3rd Place: Scotty Nguyen, $106,105
Scotty Nguyen is not accustomed to playing as an underdog. The dynamic 1998 world champion was out-chipped by both opponents. Brunson and Ly each had Nguyen covered by more than 2-to-1, with Brunson holding the chip lead. Nguyen battled gallantly for over an hour before finally going out with Q-J against Ly's 5-5.

Runner up: Mihn Ly, $203,715
When heads-up play began, Doyle Brunson had nearly a 3-to-1 chip lead over Minh Ly -- $1,100,000 to $375,000. After Brunson won a few hands, extending his advantage, Minh Ly moved all-in with K-Q. He was delighted to see Brunson call with what, only for him, was a bizarre hand. Faced with a nearly $200,000 raise, Brunson looked down and saw 10-3 offsuit. Brunson made the call. A three flopped. Minh Ly couldn't catch a king or queen on the turn or river. This was Ly's best tournament finish ever.

1st Place: Doyle Brunson, $367,800
Poker history was made at 3:57 am. First place paid $367,800. But no one was talking about the bundles of $100 bills piled on the table. All eyes, including Brunson's, were focused on the gold bracelet on the 73 year-old's wrist. When asked how he felt about continuing to compete at poker's highest level and play marathon sessions for days at a time against younger opponents, Brunson once again exhibited his irresistible charm.

"It's hard to substitute for experience. No one has more poker experience than I do. Then again, no one here is as old as I am."

Doyle Brunson has the most extensive poker resume of any player in history. This was but the latest feat in a long legacy of highlights and triumphs in the life of a true poker icon.
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